Play for Fun Casinos

Choose to play for fun at online casinos. Most online casinos have the option to register as a guest player allowing you to play for fun instead of playing for real money. When playing for fun at online casinos you will be given a certain amount of credits to start out with, if you do happen to loose all the the fun money you can go to the bank and add more.

But you might want to try out the online casinos giving free money allowing you to play for real money without having to make a deposit. You can always switch back to the play for fun free casino guest account at any time.

The other way you can play the casinos for fun is just log into your guest account and you will start out with 1000 in fun money. Play it and when you run out just go to the bank and top it off again so you can play as much as you want. all the games with the exception of progressive will be available for playing even the newest machines. Get to know the slots, which ones seem looser than others or what features they have so be the time your ready to play for real you already know which ones you want to play and which you have had the best luck on. Playing for fun really lets you get to know the games which is always good. You could not do that going into a local place you would only be able to watch someone else’s play but online they do give you that as they know you can not watch it in action, you actually have to play to see the functions of the game.